NFL: Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Want to Return to Packers

NFL: Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Want to Return to Packers

Green Bay Packers is reportedly now willing to sign Aaron Rodgers to a contract extension, but that’s no longer the biggest problem. The 15-year professional relationship between Rodgers and the Packers is about to come to an end.

According to reports, Rodgers is so unhappy with the Packers that he has told some within the organization that he does not want to return to the team. He might have played his final snap for the only NFL franchise he’s ever known.

The news about Rodgers’ future came hours after Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst confirmed at a press conference that the quarterbackwill continue to be our quarterback for the immediate future, showing his enthusiasm to aspire to the next Super Bowl and snatch him away to the Buccaneers his crown.

“As we’ve stated since the season ended, we are committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond. Aaron has been a vital part of our success and we look forward to competing for another championship with him leading our team.” Gutekunst said.

The break also coincides with the rumour that the San Francisco 49ers showed interest in signing the MVP of the 2020 season and that they were willing to hand over the third first-round pick of the 2021 Draft, as well as players like Jimmy Garoppolo to hire him.

Rodgers, one of the NFL’s historic players, came to the Packers from the NFL Draft in 2005, ranked 24th in the first round. After a 16-year career, he was named a three-time MVP and won Super Bowl XLV in 2011, as the Best Player of the Night.

The 37-year-old quarterback has reached only one Super Bowl during his career, while the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have won multiple championships.

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