No pressure on Lewis Hamilton

This weekend the F1 tournament “Abu Dhabi Grand Prix” is going to start. In regard to this Lewis Hamilton is not feeling any sort of pressure. Lewis Hamilton has led Nico the Mercedes driver by 17 points. By expressing his feelings over the upcoming “Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”, Lewis Hamilton said, “I come into the weekend trying to win the race, like always. So nothing changes there. In terms of the pressure, I don’t really feel anything. I have been racing for 20 years to prepare for it.”

Lewis Hamilton is a great racer and he is in the world of F1 racing for over 20 years. That is the reason why he has confidence over his racing tactics. For the upcoming racing tournament this weekend, the task of Lewis is very simple in fact it is very straight forward. If Hamilton gets ahead of Nico, then he will be the champion.

For the upcoming tournament, Nico Roseberg said, “It’s an intense weekend. I wouldn’t use the word pressure. Lewis is a great competitor and it will hopefully be a great end to the season. I’m here to try to win the race and I need a bit of help from Lewis that he doesn’t finish second. There are many scenarios and I’m optimistic. In Brazil he made a mistake and I need to do what I can to keep the pressure on.”

On giving a very confident answer to Nico, Lewis Hamilton said, “You have to go into weekends believing it’s going to be the case. It has been discussed before the season, during the season and especially after Spa. We’re not children. We should know what is wrong and what is right.”

The two top racers appeared in official news together before the starting of race. This encounter of the two players was ended with an affair of good humor. However, on a note with Hamilton, he was asked about what he expects regarding the upcoming fight. Lewis Hamilton was then captured by a wave of tension but he managed to say that he is not having any sort of pressure. During the race in Monaco, Nico defeated Hamilton and did not allow him to take the winning final run position.

In answer to Lewis, Rosberg said, “Lewis can do something (to ensure it is a fair fight) and that is drive cleanly himself.”

Now let’s see what is going to happen in the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix racing tournament this weekend.

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