Not the Best Driver, Hamilton is Deemed F1 Ambassador

Brazilian racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi believes Lewis Hamilton (Mercedez) is not the best Formula 1 racer at the moment. The latest, Hamilton successfully won the F1 world title for the sixth time even though the 2019 season still leaves two more series.

Previously, Hamilton had tasted world titles in the 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 seasons. That success makes Hamilton now only one title adrift of Ferrari legend, Michael Schumacher, who became the most collector.

Hamilton’s success in winning the 6th world title also made Mercedes succeed in winning the sixth world title in a row for the rider category. In addition to the five titles won by Hamilton, Mercedes also won the 2016 world championship through Nico Rosberg.

According to Fittipaldi, the dominance of Hamilton in a few seasons has not been able to make the best British racer. “He (Hamilton) is at the peak of his career,” Emerson was quoted as saying on the Gaezzetta dello Sport website. “However, whether he is the best rider at the moment, it is debatable,” he said.

Even so, Emerson assesses Hamilton is an important asset of Formula 1 sports. According to him, Hamilton has a plus from other racers outside the race factor.

“Hamilton is an important figure for this sport. Hamilton is an ambassador for Formula 1. Lewis’s character can make ordinary people interested to like Formula 1,” Emerson said. “For example, my child who is just starting to like F1 wants to meet and take pictures with Hamilton. He comes from a simple family and that makes him grateful for his achievements at this time,” Emerson added.

Related to the best riders at the moment, Emerson considers the Ferrari duo, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, to be considered. Emerson’s junior combination is predicted to be the beginning of the revival of Ferrari.

“Vettel and Charles are good riders. Vettel is still fast and Charles has many talents,” Emerson said. “Their competition will make Ferrari grow. I predict Ferrrari will be faster next season. If it continues to develop, Ferrari will be hard to beat even by Mercedes,” Emerson added.

Furthermore, F1 drivers will return to action in the Brazilian GP series. The series of races at the Autodromo Circuit will take place on November 15-17.

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