Not Timo Werner, Liverpool Actually Eyeing Two Other Players

The news of the transfer agreement Timo Werner to Chelsea actually bothered Liverpool last week. The Reds are considered incompetent for releasing talented strikers like Werner for granted.

Imagine, Werner himself has repeatedly delivered praise to Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. The young striker RB Leipzig is not trying to cover his heart, joining Liverpool is clearly one of Werner’s dreams.

Strangely, it was Chelsea who made the first move to get the services of the German striker. Liverpool looked calm, even though Werner is one of the most talented young strikers in European football.

Even so, what if it turns out Liverpool deliberately let the rumors of Werner move wildly to cover up their real transfer movements?

In short, failure to get Werner could tarnish the big name of Liverpool, but apparently there are many considerations behind it. According to Express Sport, Liverpool may deliberately let Werner loose so that they can more freely approach their two actual targets.

The Reds do need a striker, but Jurgen Klopp is known as a cautious coach, not in a hurry. Werner has an extraordinary talent for success at Liverpool, but nothing like that is really needed right now.

Klopp acknowledged Werner was great, but the Liverpool team now are solid enough with tough attacking lines. If he arrive next season, Werner will probably spend more time on the bench.

That’s why Liverpool deliberately let Werner be recruited by Chelsea, as well as camouflage from their actual movements. Still according to Express Sport, the Reds turned out to target Jadon Sancho and Kai Havertz at the same time.

These two names are indeed in demand by many other clubs, but Liverpool have the advantage with Jurgen Klopp. Also, the Reds do need creative midfielder Havertz to perfect their squad.

Then, there are still Sancho who can also play in several positions in attack. This is the kind of player Klopp likes, versatile and talented.

Not yet clear whether Liverpool can get these two names, or maybe one of them. At the very least, Klopp already has a plan to strengthen the squad.

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