Novak Djokovic Loses to Alexander Zverev in the Semifinals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Novak Djokovic on Friday lost to Alexander Zverev in the semifinals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Serbian lost 1-6, 6-3, and 61 to Zverev.

The World number 1 Djokovic was attempting to become the first man to win all four Grand Slam tournaments and Olympic gold in the same year.

The German Zverev admitted he was delighted to reach his first final after he beat Djokovic after the match.

“Of course I’m happy that I’ve won, but in the end of the day I also know how he feels,” Zverev said.

“He won 20 Grand Slams. So you can’t have everything. At the end of the day he’s the greatest of all time, because he’s going to win the most Grand Slams.

“He’s going to win the most Master Series, he’s going to be the longest at the world No. 1, and I’m sure 99% that this is the case when it’s all said and done,” Zverev added.

Without losing a single set and leaving only crumbs to his opponents, Djokovic cracked under the pressure of Zverev, after a high-flying match.

While he had a set in advance and had made the break in the second, the Serbian machine suddenly seized up and Zverev raised his level of play to reset the counters.

In the third set, Djokovic collapsed and quickly found himself behind 4-0, before Zverev won after 2:05 of fighting.

“Here, I don’t just play for myself or for my relatives, I also play for all the athleates, all the people who have stayed in Germany and are watching me.” Zverev said.

Djokovic on Friday can still go for gold medal in mixed doubles alongside his fellow Nina Stojanovic.

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