Novak’s win for ATP Finals

On Saturday, Roger Federer played his semi final match against Stan Wawrinka made him lost by 4 – 6 7 -5 7 – 6 (8-6). After playing, Roger Federer was captured by the severe back injury. This is because why Roger Federer was not going to play the final match of ATP World Tour. Roger Federer was replaced by Andy Murray and now the final match will be between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. He has defeated Any Murray with 8 – 5 during the pro test of first match. On the replacement of Roger Federer, BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller said, “Losing the services of Roger Federer just hours before what Chris Kermode describes as the ‘Super Bowl’ of the ATP World Tour is as bad as it gets from a PR point of view. But the damage-limitation exercise was a work of art. It was still, however, a hugely unsatisfactory end to a tournament which promised a thrilling duel between the two outstanding players of the year.”


For about six times, Roger Federer has won the title of ATP Tour Finals. Roger Federer said that for playing in the final against Novak, he took pain killers and he in fact did every possible act but at the end of day he was unable to play at level of Djokovic. This year Novak defeated just 8 matches out of 66 and the title of ATP Finals was though a big achievement for him. Expressing his feelings over the win, Novak said, “It’s an incredible achievement, but at this moment it’s hard to talk about it. I’m not one of the players that celebrate this particular type of win. I have to reflect on the whole season and this trophy is the crowning moment for the efforts this year. I’m very happy to be able to stand here and finish off with a trophy.”

Next week Davis Final Cup is starting and Roger Federer will be joining team-mate Wawrinka from Switzerland. There is hope that Roger Federer will feel much better. Back in 2013, Roger Federer faced the same backache. After Sunday, Roger missed his sessions in afternoon that were scheduled at O2 Arena. Roger gave a hope to his fans by saying, “It’s not that much of a surprise. This back spasm, whatever it might be, it’s just not a fun thing to have during the day. It’s just uncomfortable. But I’m positive and I’m hopeful that it’s going to go away soon.” Now let’s see what Roger Federer will be doing in the next Davis Cup.


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