Ocon and Bottas both are under deliberation for 2020: Wolff


Mercedes considers both drivers, Esteban Ocon and Valtteri Bottas, to be suitable for a seat in 2020 Formula 1 Season.

Toto Wolff says that both drivers are worthy of getting a seat on board alongside Lewis Hamilton.

He also informed about the team deliberations over the next year driving seat. Both drivers, Bottas and Ocon, were considered during deliberation for the drive.

Wolff said, “We’ve been discussing it for a long time in the within the team and I’ve been wrestling with myself on what is the right thing for the team and what is the right thing for the drivers.

“If we were to have only one of those then it would be a no-brainer to have them in the car. In a way both deserve the seat.

“Esteban because he has been through tough situations and he certainly has the motivation and the energy and the talent to be in a Mercedes.

“On the other side Valtteri has the experience and has proven again how far he can go and he’s tremendously supportive in developing the team together with Lewis.”

The team will be reaching to a conclusion during summer break. “What we decided is to really don’t think about it more than we did already, wait for the Budapest weekend to pass, stick our heads together over the summer and then come to a decision that is best for the team and best for both because we care for both.”

Wolff also added to a possibility of lending him to another team. They are willing to do so if team make a decision in favor of Bottas for seat.

“I think if you can’t provide an opportunity for young driver then you’ve got to make compromises,” he said.

“Certainly I wouldn’t sabotage Esteban’s career by blocking him and not releasing him to drive in Formula 1. He’s a great personality because he said he would understand if we were to do this and if needed he would stay in the Mercedes family and do something else with us.

“But I think that he must be given the opportunity in Formula 1 either with us or with another team and who knows what happens in two, three, four years down the line.

“These guys are all so young, they’re between 20 and 22 years old, this is when Lewis joined Formula 1. So the future is bright for all of these young guys.”

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