Official! Garena Holds the Free Fire Asia All Stars Online Esports Tournament 2020

Garena Free Fire really does hold tournaments. This time, Garena will hold a tournament called Free Fire Asia All Stars or what can be abbreviated as FFAA 2020.

This tournament will bring famous people in it. Yes, well-known influencers and professional players from Indonesia, India, Thailand and Vietnam will compete online for a total prize pool of USD 80,000.

The tournament itself will be held on 12 and 13 June 2020. You can also watch live streaming on the official YouTube account of FF Esports ID.

Then, what is the rundown and format of this tournament?

The first day of the Free Fire Asia All Stars 2020 tournament will be filled by influencers

Reporting from the press release obtained by GGWP.ID, the first day will begin with a match between 12 teams. They will compete for a total prize of USD 30,000.

Three representative teams each from Indonesia, India, Thailand and Vietnam, consisting of influencers and professional players, will cheer you up by acting and setting winning strategies online.

Unlike the above, the second day will be filled by pro players

The second day will be followed by a match between 12 teams consisting of three teams of professional players representing Indonesia, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Indonesia itself will be represented by Onic Olympus, Aerowolf Pro Team (previously Louvre Esports), and EVOS Esports which are the top three teams of the FFIM 2020 Spring tournament.

The twelve teams will compete for a total prize of USD 50,000. This tournament will be a new challenge for the whole team because it is different from the previous tournament.

At FFAA 2020, even teammates will coordinate and strategize online, without face to face.

The format of the tournament will be the same on both days. The team will fight in six rounds, on three maps, Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Points are awarded based on round rank and number of kills. It consisted of 20 points for Booyah, and 2 points for each kill.

The winning team will be announced at the end of the event every day. Each country will also be ranked according to the points earned by their representative team. Countries with top points will also be announced at the end of the 2020 FFAA tournament.

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