OGA Dota Pit 2020 Online is reuniting OG & Secret

OGA Dota Pit 2020 Online is reuniting OG & Secret

The inevitable match between OG versus Secret is happening again at OGA Dota Pit 2020 Online. The two teams that led the points in the separate group went through their first playoff hurdles quite smoothly.

OG is 2-1 ahead of Ninjas in Pajamas, while Secret is still unstoppable even though Alliance has fought tooth and nail. OG and Secret meeting in this tournament will be the third time in 2020. Previously, they met on WePlay! Pushka League and ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online. So, who will win this time?


Puppey and his colleagues’ performances were so impressive this season. OGA Dota Pit could be their fourth title if the trip was smooth to the grand final. OG began to rise after trying stand-in players to ask MidOne to play with ping conditions is not ideal. Fortunately, server differences are not a significant problem for the midlaner who is still showing off his brilliant actions.

However, that could be wrong. Secret is not an ordinary team that OG has faced before. Their game techniques and strategies are on par with OG itself so playing with unstable connections will be unsettling. OG’s best hope is to rely on the strength of Ceb laning while protecting Sumail’s farming.

The souls of Sumail playmaker often take over so that this Pakistani youth is not often involved in fighting, even though as a carry his main task is farming and survival. Of course, participating in war can skyrocket the level and farm of the carry, but if caught up it will be very detrimental to the team. Moreover, Secret certainly knows very well how to target the opponent’s core.

Speaking of drafting, the two teams have significant differences. OG prefers to play objectively with push heroes like Luna, Chen, Enchantress or Leshrac. While Secret likes to be made into YouTube moments through a combination of heroes like Earthshaker, Enigma, Kunkka or experimenting with new support as they have shown with Sniper and Tinker.

OG’s style of play that likes to ignite war strongly supports the Secret pattern that hopes the enemy to gather in one area. It would be easier to land the Echo Slam to five people followed by a Black Hole or Ice Blast. However, OG is known as a team that can circumvent battle. Their aggressiveness was so swift to be intercepted that finally the enemy sank into torture.

Anything can happen in a battle involving two teams such as OG and Secret. Moreover, the match will be limited to the upper bracket finals. But, it could be a picture of which team does have more motivation to become champions. How exciting will OG vs Secret match be at OG Dota Pit 2020 Online? Look forward to their actions tomorrow (23/5)

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