Olympic Games an Ancient Sport in this 21st Century

The 21st century Olympic Games is so much different than ancient Olympic Games that were very much athletic and religious games that took place every 4 years. In ancient times, the Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece and were very combat specific related to pankration, wrestling, chariot events and horse racing. But these days, Olympic Games are known as a competitive sport and more than two hundreds nations participate in this competition.

It was 1894, Baron Pierre de Coubertin set up the IOC (International Olympic Committee). In this millennium, lots of changes have come-up in the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee has brought various types of rules and regulations and more technology involved. The Five Olympic Rings represent this game and has manning.

The 5 intertwined rings represent 5 continents and they are Europe, Oceania, Asia, America, and Africa. Over a white background the five rings with color blue, yellow, black, green, and red represents the Olympic flag. If you desire to know more about Olympic Games history and what is the sport played during the event, you can check the internet medium. Surely, the online medium will offer you much information about these fantastic ancient and present sports.

Modern Olympic Games have evolved past influence of the ancient counterpart. For example, Olympic Games comprise of the biennial sporting events, which include summer and winter based competitions. Additionally, Olympic Movement has also expanded the influence to create Paralympic, Deaf Olympics and Special Olympics for people with the physical disabilities, hearing impaired and cognitive disabilities. Youth Olympics hosts the competitions for the young teenagers that qualify for this competition. Originally, Olympic Games just featured the amateur athletes that took pride for competing against some other athletes. Because of emerging technological advances in early 20th & 21st centuries International Olympic Committee has shifted the perspective by including professional athletes in the competitions, particularly after Games began to get the media coverage and the corporate sponsorship.

During Games, many athletes stay in Olympic Village, and small furnished home, which gives health treatments, food, as well as religious centers. International Olympic Committee carries on to strive and meet all cultural standards of participating countries without even exercising the discrimination, though this has received the criticism from people who don’t feel that Olympics must divide the sporting events as per disability. In past, the disabled athletes have also participated in regular Olympics in spite of disability. Now, same opportunity exists; but, critics feel that division promotes the social inequality at sporting event meant for bringing unity. Modern Olympic Games shared cancellations at height of First & Second World Wars. So, for Games that commenced during the turbulent times, heavy sense of the nationalism emerged was conveyed during such Games.


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