Past Ronaldo, Today Ronaldo, and A “Mirror of Success”

Not many footballers of different generations have the same “last name” and both are equally great. The story that mostly happens in football is that a child inherits the name of his father’s greatness. Else, two brothers who have the same last name.

Therefore, the story of two Ronaldo is a very unique story that rarely happens in football. There are two footballers with the same name “Ronaldo” and are equally great who live in different times.

Both come from different countries. One is from Brazil, with the name born Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima. One is a Portuguese national with a long name, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

Both of them have never met in the field. Because, Ronaldo Portugal won the stardom when Ronaldo Brazil entered his old age.

Then, when Ronaldo Brazil brought his country to the world championship in the 2002 World Cup, Portugal’s Ronaldo was not yet known. He was only 17 years old and just started his career at Sporting Lisbon. Only a year later, the world began to recognize him when he moved to Manchester United.

Comparing these two Ronaldo, I’m more interested in the comments of the German national team playmaker, Toni Kroos. Some time ago, Kroos had said this: “If there was no Cristiano in football, the current generation might have forgotten Ronaldo Fenomeno (the nickname of Brazilian Ronaldo).”

In other words, the German player who won the World Cup and the Champions League said that because Cristiano, the generation of the present era, knew that football had once had a great player named Ronaldo.

Then, who is better between the two?

Personal opinion, great players are not compared to who is better. Because, they become great with own stories, struggles, strengths and weaknesses. Arguing about who is better, you will never find a conclusion.

It was fortunate to see Ronaldo in Barcelona’s costume, scoring an “impossible” goal when he passed nearly half of SD Compostela’s players from the middle of the field on October 11, 1996. Then the mystery of Brazil’s defeat in the 1998 World Cup final, to become the 2002 World Cup champion with her unique hair.

I also still remember the debut of Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United on August 16, 2003. At that time, Ronaldo who came in for Nicky Butt in the 60th minute, immediately gained admiration when several times passed Bolton Wanderers players.

Every time he touches and carries the ball, we are forced to say “soccer has found a new star”. Next, what happens is a historical story. The history of “ordinary players” who became superstars by winning “all trophies” at Manchester United and Real Madrid.

The ‘road to success’ lesson from Ronaldo and Cristiano

There are many important lessons we can take from these two great players. Mainly about how they brand themselves (personal branding) to eventually be known by many people.

To Ronaldo Brasil, we can learn that having given talent in our field is not enough. Ronaldo Luiz’s long career in football, talks about it.

Having natural abilities in the field of your work is only half successful. The rest depends on attitude and mental endurance to face pressure.

One important part of Ronaldo’s Brazilian career is how he rose from a major defeat at the biggest moment. In the 1998 World Cup, Ronaldo, who was only 22 years old, was expected by the people of Brazil to be able to give Brazil the fifth title of world champion. What happened next is Brazil lost 3-0 to France in the full of mystery final.

Losing the finals of the most prestigious tournaments in the world in that way can make players worse off. His career can run out. Only great motivation made him survive. And, four years later in South Korea, he turned out to be able to rise and bring his country to become world champion.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s career too is full of twists and turns. One thing to admire about Cristiano Ronaldo is his courage to challenge himself to play in several countries. Leaving his country, he played in England, Spain and Italy.

It shows that he has special abilities that make him quickly adapt and achieve success. It’s not easy to survive for 17 years in three countries that have very difficult competition to conquer.

What made Cristiano successful? Aside from his willingness to train hard, personal branding that we can take from Cristiano is about his professionalism. Also, his great commitment to provide the best side in the field he lived.

In the end, stories from great people and success in their fields are not just to be admired. We can take lessons from their success stories. Take the good side that can be emulated and apply in our life.

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