Paulo Fonseca: Inter Milan’s Style of Play is Predictable!

AS Roma coach, Paulo Fonseca, commented on the match his team played against Inter Milan in the Italian League continued for the 2020-2021 season. Fonseca admits that Inter’s style of play is very predictable.

As is known, an exciting and interesting match will indeed decorate week 17 of the Italian League 2020-2021. Especially if it’s not the duel between Roma and Inter which will be the main stage.

Yes, the match between Roma and Inter is believed to be going to be exciting because the two teams are both determined to win. Even though so far, Inter are indeed more favored to be able to win over Roma.

The reason is that in terms of players, Inter is indeed superior to Roma. Moreover, Inter itself needs a win in order to keep its distance from AC Milan in the 2020-2021 Italian League standings.

However, that does not mean Roma’s chance to win the match against Inter is completely closed. Roma itself has quite positive capital ahead of the match against Inter. Yes, Roma themselves made it through their last three matches with a win.

Roma can also take advantage of their status as the home team to increase their chances of winning the match against Inter. Apart from that, Roma can also count on the genius of Fonseca in their coaching chair.

Moreover, Fonseca himself admitted that he really understood the style of play that was often played by Inter. Although, Fonseca did not deny that Inter would provide fierce resistance to their team in this match.

“Inter have great players with a strong identity. It’s easy to understand how they play, but it’s hard to face them, ”explained Fonseca, as quoted by the Italian Football, Sunday (10/1/2021).

“We have prepared matches in anticipation of their collective play, but also against their individual players. We must not make mistakes, “continued the Portuguese coach.

“We have to be strong at the back and confident when we have the ball, we have to focus on the details to avoid mistakes. All players are motivated, we have the ambition to play an extraordinary match, “he concluded.

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