Pavlyuchenkova: “Many Coaches Have a Huge Ego”

Pavlyuchenkova: “Many Coaches Have a Huge Ego”

While tennis has been put on hold for a few weeks, the announcement of the break up between Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and Sam Sumyk was surprising in its timing but also because the Russian seemed to be going up the slope.

Pavlyuchenkova managed to reach the final at home in Moscow at the end of last year but above all to reach the quarter-finals this year in Melbourne.

But beyond the sporting aspect, it is rather the relationship between the two who were no longer going and Sumyk would have even pushed Pavlyuchenkova to make the announcement.

“The WTA told me that this is not the time to talk about a break up with the coach – the situation is too complicated. But since Sam himself has decided to announce this, I think I must also clarify something. It’s my decision.” Pavlyuchenkova said.

“I didn’t like the atmosphere in the team. I couldn’t speak openly. It is important to me to connect to my trainer. I felt uncomfortable, it was annoying.

“He and my physio were partly responsible for it. In my entire career I have never had any pain except for one little thing in my shoulder. The training and tournament schedule were simply inappropriate.”  Pavlyuchenkova added.

Sumyk and Pavlyuchenkova were working together at Toray Pan Pacific Open in Osaka in September 2019. The French coach, who formerly coached Victoria Azarenka to both of her Grand Slam singles titles, stopped working with Garbine Muguruza after a four-year partnership in July.

“Sam is an authoritative coach. But I don’t judge coaches by name or merit. For me, the most important thing is the exchange of energy that occurs between people, not only in sport, but also in life.” Pavlyuchenkova said.

“I’m hungry for success and set the bar very high. I don’t care what the coach’s name is, who he coached before or how many titles he won. I only begin to understand this with my experience. Many coaches have a huge ego and all too often talk about “I”. That’s why big problems often arise.” she added.

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