Phil Ivey lost £7.7 Million

It was a heavy day for Phil Ivey who lost his £7.7 Million in “Edge Sorting” Court during his battle against Crockfords Casino. Back then in 2012 this big amount was withheld in the casino’s favor. Today in High Court London, this amount was lost by Phil as it has been spotted as the amount earned through cheating means. Today in the court it was declared that Phil under the act of civil law used to detect the little patterns that were printed at back of cards during the game for winning. So his act was today taken as a pure form of cheating and unfair means.

In 2012 at Crockfords Casino, Phil Ivey won this big amount in form of baccarat. On inquiring the winning prize money, the casino refused to pay him. In answer to the casino, Phil showed that his means of playing were genuine and he did not use any sort of cheating technique. For long months he tried a lot to bring out negotiations but all his efforts just failed up. In 2013 he then filed up a case against this casino in High Court London and there he claimed that all his methods of playing were legal and genuine.

On Monday in the court Phil Ivey said that he was badly treated at
 and he was totally disappointed upon the performance of this casino. Today in High Court London Judge Mitting declared his means as a source of cheating and as a result Phil Ivey just lost huge sum of £7.7 Million. This was a great loss to him and he was seen in a much distressed condition too. Obviously, the amount is too big. Now he himself clearly knows that whether his techniques of playing are fair or not.

Today on court’s decision Phil Ivey with much disappointment said, “It’s not in my nature to cheat and nor would I risk my reputation by acting unlawfully in any manner. As a professional gambler, my job is to seek to lawfully reverse or reduce the perceived house edge. My integrity is infinitely more important to me than a big win, which is why I have brought these proceedings to demonstrate that I have been unjustly treated. “Each time I play I risk failing to execute the strategy properly. Some of these are very complex or difficult to execute – which usually results in me losing a lot of money.” So this was latest for today which happened with Phil Ivey.


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