Pramac Ducati Team Manager Has High Expectations for Johann Zarco

Pramac Ducati Team Manager Has High Expectations for Johann Zarco

The MotoGP Pramac Ducati team on Thursday presented its 2020 motorbike with its two riders Jorge Martin and rookie Johann Zarco.

Zarco, after a year 2020 which put him back on front of the stage, hopes to achieve his first success in the premier category.

Speaking at Italian media, Pramac’s Ducati team manager Francesco Guidotti has high expectations for Zarco and his rookie teammate Jorge.

“Speaking with Johann, I felt that he was very motivated and not tense at all. I think he is a rider who has become aware of his own abilities and has built up a self-esteem that he probably di not have before, living a bit in the shadow of some people.” Guidotti said.

“Now he does everyting by himself, he is the tip, it means that he has taken control of his own life, both in a personal and professional sense.

“Moreover, on a technical level, he is in the right place at the right time, because last season was a season of getting closer to Ducati and in this one he will have a more advanced bike in a team that is very close to Ducati.” Guidotti added.

Zarco admitted he cannot wait to be in Qatar to start the officials tests on March 6. The Frenchman feels so excited when Ducati gave him an opportunity to be reborn last season.

“Johann has a particular riding style and I think they will make use of him, also because he has experience with other bikes, Yamaha, Honda, and KTM.” Guidotti said.

“For Ducati he can be a good benchmark and Pramac has always lent itself to this type of work, which is an added value.” Guidotti added.

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