Premier League Comeback, Chelsea are Predicted to Fail to Qualify for The Champions League

Chelsea will have difficulty in maintaining their place in the top four when the Premier League returns. The prediction is from former Arsenal player Charlie Nicholas.

Frank Lampard’s team is currently qualified for the Champions League. They are three points ahead from Manchester United, who are fifth, with nine matches left.

Chelsea’s performance was very worrying before the Corona outbreak. They only won two wins in the last seven matches in the Premier League.

The Premier League will now resume by now after the 10 week hiatus. Chelsea will face Aston Villa in hopes of securing a place in the Champions League.

Liverpool and Manchester will definitely qualify for the Champions League next season because they are far from third place. Meanwhile, Leicester City have a very high chance to secure its current position.

“I don’t think there is any doubt, Liverpool and Manchester City have gone very far,” Nicholas told Sky Sports.

“Leicester City can still be pursued, they have some difficult matches going forward, there is no doubt about that, but they are in a very good position.”

However, a different story will be experienced by Chelsea. Nicholas is not sure if the Blues will be able to secure the top four at the end of the season.

“Chelsea are doubtful because their young players will be refreshed and everyone thinks they will continue,” Nicholas said.

“But sometimes young players really love the audience because they have no fear, so I think because of that, Chelsea are very vulnerable.”

“I just think Arsenal can kick on a little bit, more in hope with the heart ruling the head than anything else but I expect Manchester United and Arsenal to probably be there with Chelsea.”

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