Premier League Results: Had Left Behind, Manchester United managed to beat Brighton 2-1

Manchester United won 2-1 over Brighton and Hove Albion in Week 30 of the Premier League at Old Trafford Stadium, Monday (4/4).

Appearing at his own headquarters, Man Utd immediately took the initiative to attack. In the 8th minute, Mason Greenwood almost brought Manchester United ahead. However, his shot only hit the crossbar for the visitors.

The Red Devils tried to increase the intensity of their attacks to steal goals first. However, the attack that was built by Bruno Fernandes et al could not penetrate the Brighton defense which appeared disciplined.

In the 13th minute it was Brighton who scored. It was Danny Welbeck, a former Man United player, who became the actor.

Welbeck greeted Neal Maupay’s cross with a header but Dean Henderson was cleared. But Welbeck continued the wild ball again to bring Brighton winning 1-0.

Brighton had the chance to double their lead in the 19th minute when Lewis Dunk jumped high in the middle of the box to welcome Pascal Gross’s free-kick, but this time Henderson was able to knock the ball over the crossbar.

The visitors continued to perform well throughout the first half despite the unlucky failure to increase their lead until halftime, including when Jakub Moder’s volley was deflected by Rashford and only resulted in a corner.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad tried to pursue a one-goal deficit through repeated attacks. However, no goals could be created until the first half ended.

Man United was only able to equalize the score through Rashford’s beautiful goal in the 62nd minute. Bruno Fernandes’ through ball in the penalty box was completed by Rashford with a horizontal shot at the far post.

Greenwood then emerged as the hero of Manchester United’s victory in the 83rd minute. The English striker successfully greeted Paul Pogba’s bait with a header in front of goal.

These results do not change Manchester United’s position in second place in the Premier League standings. The Red Devils are now packing 60 points or are still 14 points behind Manchester City who are at the top. While Brighton is in 16th place with 32 points.

In the next match, Manchester United will visit Tottenham Hotspur headquarters on Sunday (11/4) next week, the day before Brighton host Everton at the Amex Stadium. Prior to that, on Thursday (8/4), Manchester United will first play the first leg of the Europa League quarter-final against Granada.

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