Premier League Results: Liverpool vs Man Utd Without a Winner

The Liverpool vs Manchester United duel in the 18th week of the Premier League, Monday (18/1) without producing a winner. The two bitter enemies drew 0-0.

Playing at home to Liverpool first created opportunities. At the start of the match Andrew Robertson’s left footed kick on the left side of the penalty box was still weak and off the mark.

Opportunity was created by the Reds. Firmino’s uncontrolled kick receiving Sadio Mane’s pass was still off the mark.

The Red Devils, who rely more on counter-attacks, did not really threaten Alisson’s goal. Their efforts were successfully suppressed by the duo of Fabinho and Jordan Henderson who were plotted as central defenders.

Until 30 minutes of the match, Liverpool continued to dominate. However, the attacks of the trio of Firmino, Mane, and Mohamed Salah, supported by Georginio Wijnaldum, Xherdan Shaqiri, and Thiago were unable to score goals.

Bruno Fernandes almost put Man Utd ahead. His curved free-kick was still thin on the right side of Allison’s goal.

Liverpool reacted immediately. Through a counterattack, Salah dribbled from the left side of the field to the penalty box. He fired a shot that hit the Man Utd defender, a wild ball was struck by Firmino, but was still weak.

Man Utd still relies on counterattacks. Several attempts were made but their players were often caught offside. Until the pause, the position is still equally strong.

In the second half, Liverpool did not lower the tempo. Jurgen Klopp’s men are still taking the initiative to play and pressing the Man Utd defense.

Liverpool got a chance. Trent Alexander-Arnold’s efforts in the 55th minute were too weak.

Salah got an opportunity in the 61st minute. Receiving Firmino’s pass, Salah who was surrounded in the penalty box tried to kick the ball which hit the legs of a Man Utd defender.

Fernandes got the opportunity when in front of the penalty box there was room to shoot. The kick is still able to be saved by Alisson. Likewise, Paul Pogba’s header from a corner is still too easy for Alisson.

One good opportunity was obtained by Fernandes. Welcoming Luke Shaw’s attractive bait on the left of the Liverpool defense, Fernandes’ shot from close range was still able to be blocked by Alisson.

Good effort by Thiago. The former Barcelona and Bayern Munchen screamed before releasing a kick from outside the penalty box. David De Gea has to fly to punch the ball.

Man Utd had a very good chance of winning in 82 minutes. Pogba, who received Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s attractive bait, fired a close-range shot which Alisson blocked.

Both teams are still trying to score goals. But the opportunities that were created were simply wasted. Until the final long whistle, Liverpool and Man Utd had to settle for a 0-0 result.

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