Premier League Results: Man City Beat Crystal Palace

Manchester City successfully rolled out Crystal Palace guests in the 18th week of the Premier League, Sunday (18/1). The victory that led Man City to push into second place in the standings.

The Citizens, nicknamed Manchester City, who failed to beat Crystal Palace in the last two home games in the Premier League were finally able to break this bad record.

Man City started with the initiative to attack. Several opportunities were created, but still did not reach the target.

The efforts of Ilkay Gundogan, Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne were still able to be suppressed by the Crystal Palace defense.

Despite controlling 73 percent of ball possession, Manchester City at the start of the match until the 20th minute still had difficulty dismantling the Crystal Place defense which was very disciplined in guarding the area. Pep Guardiola’s team carried out a series of dangerous attacks on the Crystal Palace defense as many as 38 times, 13 times that had the opportunity to become goals with 6 times firing shots at the opponent’s goal.

After 25 minutes of the match, The Citizens opened the scoring. De Bruyne crosses the ball from the right, the ball is headed by John Stones and into the net.

After that goal, Josep Guardiola’s men continued to dominate. Gundogan’s free kick still soared. Likewise, Gabriel Jesus’s header did not produce a goal.

On the other hand, Crystal Palace as the visitors had difficulty penetrating the Man City defense which was raised by a new, deadly duet at the heart of the defense, John Stones-Ruben Dias. Moreover, Roy Hodgson’s team in this match appeared without Wilfried Zaha who was their mainstay star. Practically, the Eagles midfield looked confused and lost direction.

There are no more goals created to drop. Score 1-0 for Man City excellence.

In the second half, Gundogan added the advantage to Man City 2-0. In the 56th minute, his shot from outside the penalty box curves into the Eagles’ goal.

Man City added the advantage in 68 minutes. Starting from a gastric bait into the penalty box, Stones made his second goal and changed the position to be 3-0.

After winning far, Man City became more comfortable playing the ball from foot to foot and did not rush into attacks.

Man City adds to its advantage again. Sterling’s free-kick curled smoothly into the net without being able to anticipate by Palace goalkeeper, Vicente Guaita. The goal was the last, and Man City closed with a 4-0 win.

Thanks to this result, Manchester City has the right to move up to second place in the standings with 37 points, while Crystal Palace is still stuck in 13th place with 23 points.

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