Pressure on Atletico’s Antoine Griezmann

At Barcelona, ​​Antoine Griezmann was accused of being the scapegoat. When he returned to Atletico Madrid, there were fans who were annoyed with the Frenchman. On the other hand, Antoine Griezmann still has not been able to make goals or assists for Atletico. This was a difficult episode for Antoine Griezmann’s career at club level. At first, when Lionel Messi did not renew his contract at Barcelona, ​​some Barcelona fans were disappointed.

Disappointed Barcelona fans made Antoine Griezmann one of the scapegoats. Antoine Griezmann, who didn’t want to take a pay cut, made Barcelona’s finances unbalanced so they couldn’t keep Messi. On the other hand, Antoine Griezmann’s performance at Barcelona since the 2019-2020 season was unsatisfactory. He was judged not to be at his best.

Antoine Griezmann was cornered. Then, at the end of last August’s transfer day, Antoine Griezmann suddenly went to Atletico Madrid on loan. It is known before at Barcelona, ​​ Antoine Griezmann was the star of Atletico Madrid. So this arrival is also his “return” to Atletico Madrid. Maybe returning to Atletico is the right way for Antoine Griezmann. However, it turned out that at Atletico, he also received opposition from some fans.

There were fans who asked Joao Felix, an Atletico player to injure Antoine Griezmann during training. Some fans still harbored disappointment when Antoine Griezmann decided to go to Barcelona in 2019. Antoine Griezmann’s performance at Atlético hasn’t sparkled yet. Of the three games that have been played, Antoine Griezmann has not made a goal or assist. He never even played the full 90 minutes.

Against Espanyol, Atletico won 2-1. Uniquely, Atletico could only score after Antoine Griezmann was withdrawn. When the Champions League match against Porto, Antoine Griezmann even became a substitute. Against Athletic Bilbao, Antoine Griezmann was substituted in the 55th minute. This situation must be addressed by Antoine Griezmann. If he is not able to perform well, then Atletico probably will not make Antoine Griezmann permanent. That means Antoine Griezmann will return to Barcelona.

Seeing the relationship between Antoine Griezmann and Barcelona that is not special, it is likely that Antoine Griezmann will be kicked out of Barcelona. So, before an unpleasant situation occurs at the end of this season, Antoine Griezmann must quickly show off. He had to prove that he was a star.

If Antoine Griezmann doesn’t excel at the club, what will the situation be with the French national team? It looks like he will still be in the France squad whatsoever. Because, Antoine Griezmann was still up to the parwhen he played for the French national team. Beyond that reason, Antoine Griezmann seems to be the golden child of the current French national team coach, Didier Deschamps.

But, of course there are exceptions. If Antoine Griezmann is rarely played, of course his touch of the ball will dim. If that happens, Antoine Griezmann could be kicked out of the French national team. That will be the worst scenario for him definitely. Regardless, it will be interesting to follow his progress in Atletico Madrid in Spanish League this season.


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