PSG Extends Cooperation with FIFA Games

The French League giant, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), has officially extended cooperation with the football game developer designed by EA Sports, FIFA. The collaboration between PSG and FIFA was first established in 2011. Hence, this new agreement makes EA Sports function as PSG’s premium partner.

That is, in the latest release of the FIFA game, EA Sports will get additional club assets. This also means that allowing for a more realistic content upgrade.

PSG’s Chief Partnership, Marc Armstrong, said that this collaboration was carried out to strengthen the club’s relationship with their fans. “We know that most people are involved with PSG, including our fans all over the world,” said Armstrong, reported by Goal.

“Our fans also regularly play games created by EA Sports. The extension of this partnership is the club’s way to strengthen relations with fans,” Armstrong continued. Meanwhile, Marketing Manager of EA Sports, Antoine Cohet, said that they will continue to improve their services to pamper gamers around the world.

One such effort is to extend the commitment with PSG. “We have chosen to strengthen our commitment with PSG and give us the freedom to create new content that will captivate the public,” Cohet said.

“PSG fans will continue to have the opportunity to play with their favorite clubs and players with authenticity that is increasingly unbeatable at FIFA,” he said. FIFA 2020 game itself will be released on September 27, 2019.

Another innovation from FIFA is by presenting the Volta mode. Volta or what in Portuguese means “back” is the latest form of innovation in which players in the FIFA game will appear as street footballers. As a result, the Volta mode has flexible rules.

This is a new innovation from FIFA and EA Sports after they did not get an official license from the Italian League giant, Juventus. After all this time the license was in the hands of FIFA developers, this time Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) took over the right to bring Juventus into their game.

For this incident, the name of Juventus in FIFA 2020 does not appear again. The team nicknamed The Mistress will be changed to “Piemonte Calcio”.

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