PUBG Continental Series Officially Replaces the 2020 PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is the highlight of the international level PUBG tournament. At the same time, the sustainability of the league in several regions must be stopped for urgent health reasons. The European, Chinese and North American regions are some of the leagues that must be stopped while still running. Health protocols that need to be implemented in a strict way have an impact on the global esports event.

Even though several leagues were stopped while it was still in progress, PUBG Esports continued to compensate the teams that competed. Compensation is distributed from prizepool amounts and adjusted to the achievements of each team until the league is declared stopped.

Starting from the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in early 2020, in February it was decided if the PUBG Global Championship event was canceled. Instead, PUBG Esports introduced the PUBG Continental Series. The existing regional system has been reorganized into 4 regions: North America, Europe, Asia and Asia Pacific

PUBG Continental Series opens with an invitational tournament titled PCS Charity Showdown that took place May 14 – 31, 2020 ago. Prizes of US $ 200,000 will be contested and then also donated by the team that comes out as winners from each region.

Meanwhile, PCS Charity Showdown was won by Oath Gaming from the North American region, Northern Lights from the European region, Tianba Gaming from the Asian region, and DivisionX Gaming from the Asia Pacific region.

The FTF Victim Team is a representative from Indonesia competing in the PCS Charity Showdown of the Asia Pacific region. It’s just that the Victim FTF team has not been able to give its best performance by ranked 11th.

Continuing into the middle of 2020, we will be presented with PCS 1 and 2 series. The tournament will last for 2 weeks with a rotation of 5 maps per day. There are 16 slots that will be contested through the national qualification stage. Unlike Thailand and Vietnam which have 5 slots each, Indonesia only has 2.

More about the PCS event, PUBG Esports brings back the Pick’Em Challenge feature. The same feature has been implemented in the 2019 PGC event. Through this feature the audience will have the opportunity to get exclusive in-game items during the PCS event.

PUBG Esports also opens opportunities for fans to support the PUBG esports. Before and PCS is held, through exclusive in-game item sales, you can add a prize pool amount. Some of the profits collected will be distributed into prize pools in the 4 regions.

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