Pulisic still have no conversation yet with Sarri

Chelsea’s new recruit, Christian Pulisic, claimed to have not spoken to coach Maurizio Sarri even though he had completed all the transfer processes. Chelsea officially carried out the transfer  from Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday (01/02/2019). However, the agreement between the two teams result in Pulisic will only arrive at London at the start of next season.

Even though it was announced, Pulisic said he would only speak with Sarri when his obligations with Dortmund ended. “No, it’s not like that. As I said before, I’m still in Dortmund and I will focus on that,” Pulisic said. “However, I was very enthusiastic (talking to Sarri) when that time came later,” Pulisic added.

Pulisic statement of course strengthens the rumours if Sarri does not involved in the transfer process. Not long after Pulisic was inaugurated, Sarri made a statement that was quite surprising. Sarri claimed he did not know Chelsea bought Pulisic because all this time he had only been asked for recommendations.

This transfer made Pulisic the third most expensive player Chelsea had ever bought. The player who was only 20 years old has been the captain of United States national team and he plays in big European clubs – a rare thing for American players. He is redeemed with amount of 58 million pound sterling.

“Chelsea have just got the best players of all time in the United States and of course they will try to market Pulisic to increase their selling points in the US and North America,” NBC Sports wrote.

Pulisic admitted that the price weighed heavily on him. For this reason, Pulisic wants to prove that he deserves to be acquired by Chelsea by performing well at Dortmund until the end of the season. “I want to come and get a place in the first team. I want to prove myself worthy of being on the field with a Chelsea uniform,” said Pulisic.

“I think they (Chelsea) want me to play in the position of a wing striker. However, I feel I can play in any position in the attacking line,” said the player who was only 20 years old.

The arrival of Pulisic made rumors of Eden Hazard’s departure at the end of the season getting louder. Until now, Hazard still hasn’t signed a contract extension with Chelsea. Real Madrid is touted to be the strongest candidate for Hazard’s next destination. This is inseparable from Hazard’s statement which called Real Madrid the dream team since childhood.


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