Radja Nainggolan Prefers Family Compared To Money

Belgium player, Radja Nainggolan was not included in the discourse of Inter Milan’s new coach, Antonio Conte. Radja Nainggolan are often covered with injuries and lack of outstanding performance. This is the reason for the Nerazzurri to release Nainggolan this summer. Actually, Nainggolan admits that he still wants to stay at Inter Milan, where he reasoned that his wife, Claudia Nainggolan, was suffering from cancer.

There are three clubs that have interest with Nainggolan, namely two Serie A clubs (Cagliari and Fiorentina) and a club from China. However, Fiorentina has denied that after getting Nainggolan’s autograph, the Belgian passport player prefers to play in Cagliari. Nainggolan finally returned to his old club first, Cagliari. The 31-year-old was sent to Cagliari on loan for a season of non-purchase options. Nainggolan’s coffers will be more filled if he wants to play in China, because in China he was offered a much higher salary.

However, Nainggolan prefers his old club because of family factors. His wife, Claudia Nainggolan, who also born in Cagliari is suffering from cancer and while playing in Cagliari, he will be nearer to his family. Cagliari collaborated with Nainggolan in the period 2010-2014 will pay at least 3 million euros from the total salary of 4.5 million euros of Indonesian-blooded men. While the rest is going to be paid by Inter Milan. In the 2010-2014 season, Nainggolan scored seven goals and six assists from 137 appearances. Before moving to Inter Milan, Nainggolan had trasnferred to AS Roma in January 2014.

In the Nerazzurri, Nainggolan scored seven goals in 36 appearances and helped Inter Milan qualify for the Champions League. If he chooses to play in China, Radja Nainggolan will have more money, but he prefers to return to the Sardegna Arena. Italian football quoted Nainggolan as saying, “My last taste never went away, I didn’t play for money.” Nainggolan’s wife was indeed a Cagliari born woman, where Nainggolan had several people he loved there. “I like living here, my wife is here, people in this city loves me. For me, this team (Cagliari) is like a family,” Nainggolan said. It will be interesting for us to see his performance in this season with Cagliari.


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