Rafael Nadal Talks the 2008 Wimbledon Final with Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in five-sets four in the 2008 Wimbledon final. The two haven’t played each other at Wimbledon since.

 “I don’t think we improved much. I think we managed to add things because we lose things on the other hand, no? We need to add new things because of the age, we are losing another thing from the other side.” Nadal said.

“The only thing and probably the only reason why we’re able to be where we are is because we love the game and we have big respect for this sport.

“My clear answer was I am running less so I need to serve better. I probably cannot play 20 weeks per year any more, so I need to reschedule my planning to improve things to be very competitive every single time that I am on court.” Nadal added.

Nadal played aggressive tennis and his backhand was really improved that year. Meanwhile, Federer’s backhand was not firing at that time and he had less confidence on that shot. He wasn’t that much aggressive and was keeping the ball in the middle of court which Nadal could use to hit and inside out or inside in forehand of his own.

“Of course, I am serving better. Of course, I am hitting the backhand better. Maybe volleying better, slicing better. But even like this, I don’t know if my level today will beat my level of years ago. In terms of improvement, I don’t know.

“In terms of readapt my game, readapt our game, talking about me and Roger, for sure there is lot of things that we find a way to keep being one of the best of the world.” Nadal added.

The world No.2 was forced to withdraw from the eight ATP Masters 1000 tournament of the 2019 season with a left hand injury.

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