Ray Parlour: There is not a single player bigger than Manchester United

Former Arsenal player Ray Parlour condemned the way Paul Pogba expressed his desire to leave Manchester United. He believes Pogba is taking the wrong way and can tarnish his relationship with the Old Trafford club and public.

Speculation about Pogba’s future is an interesting discussion in the transfer market this time. Reportedly, Pogba is not feeling at home at Old Trafford, he wants to join a better club for his future.

Real Madrid is the main enthusiast. Zinedine Zidane insisted on wanting Pogba even though the club was still undecided. Finally, today Florentino Perez relents and will put all of Madrid’s ability to bring Pogba.

As if it was still less attractive, Pogba actually heated up this speculation by expressing his heart in front of the media. Some time ago, he said he wanted to try a new challenge.

“After the end of this season and everything that happened this season, which is also my best season, I think this is the right time to try new challenges in other places,” said Pogba.

Pogba’s attitude was criticized by Parlour. According to him, Pogba had insulted MU by saying so. There are no players bigger than the club, also for Pogba and MU.

“There will always be speculation in the media, you cannot stop it as a player. There is the talk of Real Madrid wanting him. However, we have had many players who experienced it at Arsenal, but no one spoke to the public: “I want to leave the club,” Parlour stressed to talkSPORT.

Parlour looked in the case of Pattrick Vieira a few years ago. At that time Vieira was one of Arsenal’s best players, speculation about his future was hot, but he never acted like Pogba.

“If you want to go, you should always do it right. Arsenal has experienced Pattrick Vieira rumors every season, he is always called going and we usually only joke about that.”

“We came on the first day of preseason training and he was sitting there, and we said: ‘You are still here, Pattrick? We thought you were leaving this summer?’

“And he will laugh, there’s no problem, so there are various ways to do it [leaving the club].”

The latest example is when Eden Hazard left Chelsea. Hazard made the Blues fans let go by presenting the Europa League trophy in his final season.

“Like the way Eden Hazard left Chelsea – he did it right. He values ​​the club. You have to respect Manchester United, there isn’t a single player bigger than Manchester United,” he said.

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