Ready to work on changing regulations for 2021: Toto Wolff

wolff on regulations

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal, hailed the idea that rules for 2021 shall engage drivers in ‘harder racing’.

Wolff is ready to engage all Formula 1 stakeholders to establish new sport spirit.

Mercedes won last grand prix at Canada after a five second grid penalty was handed over to Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel was being chased by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, when he cracked and went off track. He then rejoined the track unsafely and pushed Hamilton to the side.

The penalty decision was criticized by most. However, Toto Wolff defended stewards decision that they had followed the current rule book. But he was willing to work with all stakeholder to amend it.

“The penalty was what the rules say,” he said. “And the stewards acted I think according to the rules.

“If we’re not happy with the rules because we like harder racing, count me in.

“Then the stewards will take another decision because the rules will be different.

“Let’s look at the rules and see how we can get it right for 2021 so we can encourage hard racing.

“Then the verdict would have been different.”

Formula 1 owners with FIA are engaged with other stakeholders to change the current rules that will be enacted in 2o21. The changes will affect sporting, technical, financial and regulatory bindings.

Wolff believes this incident provides opportunity for all to work and amend the regulations including the ones affecting drivers.

He responded to a question whether rules shall change or not. He said, : “I would really like to engage in a discussion with all the stakeholders, the FIA, the teams, to allow harder racing in 2021, to the point that the FIA can accept from a safety standard.

“I’m up for hard racing. That should be reflected in the rules and then we would have different stewards verdicts.”

Toto Wolff also responded to criticism.

Wolff said: “I think the drivers are gladiators in high-tech machines and we want them to fight it out there on track.

“But it is not trivial to find the line between hard racing and bumper cars in the future.

“Then it becomes a point of safety: how hard can they drive?”

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