Real Madrid Won 6-0 Against Galatasaray

After twice undergoing home games with disappointing results, Real Madrid managed to provide satisfying results for his fans. Playing in a match against Galatasaray in the Champions league, Los Blancos won 6-0. Within four minutes of the first half, Madrid had been shocked by Rodrigo’s quick goal with 2 goals on the left foot on the first goal and heading on the second. Ramos listed his name on the scoreboard through the penalty spot.

Galatasaray’s weak defense is used to add more goals. Benzema contributed one goal using an assist from Rodrigo. The first half closed with a score of 4-0 with the ball ruler of Madrid 64%: Galatasaray 36%. In the second half, Benzema added to his goal. After several matches missed scoring, this time Benzema moncer when playing at home. The first record, two goals Benzema scored a record 50 goals for Real Madrid in the Champions league.

In the 90th minute, Rodrygo again forced the Muslera goalkeeper to pick up the ball from the net. Rodrygo scored a hat-trick. This is an extraordinary achievement for a young man aged 18 years in the Champions league.

For Madridista, tonight could be said to be the perfect day. After a number of times his team appeared to lack interest. Whether it’s the barren striker, the unsatisfactory goalkeeper, or the disappointing scheme of play.

This Real Madrid victory lifted the name of Rodrygo in the Santiago Bernabeu sky. No half-hearted, this Brazilian teenager scored a hat-trick. Rodrygo’s glory is a remarkable achievement for him and a new hope for the Real Madrid camp.

Thanks to his hat-trick, Rodrygo managed to become the youngest Brazilian player to score a hat-trick in the champions league. In addition, he also became the fastest player to score two goals in a short time, which is 6 minutes 14 seconds. Rodrygo’s glory must be thumbs up. However, this big victory is not the only yardstick to achieve success.

Real Madrid’s big victory can be used as a starting point to show team consistency. The consistency of the team can also judge whether a big win can be valued or just a historical record.

The team’s consistency will also support whether Rodrygo can continue to perform brilliantly or not. However, Rodrygo’s glory in the match against Galatasaray was inseparable from the team’s contribution and consistency in general. But if there is no consistency and a good end result, a win with a large score and the loss of one player will not be worth it.

But the season is far from over. Can Madrid maintain this condition?


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