Record Broken on End of 2018 Asian Games Medal Standings

Last Sunday, 2nd September 2018 becomes a memorable date for Asian sport world. It is the last day of Asian Games 2018 held in Jakarta-Palembang, Indonesia. As a custom, China got hold of the top with 132 gold medals, 92 silver and 65 bronze medals. While Japan finish second with 75 gold medals, this is the highest achievement since Asian Games 1966 in Bangkok. This 18th Asian Games also recognize Rikako Ikee, Japanese swimmer, as the most valuable player (MVP). Moreover, South Korea followed with 49 gold medals.

Indonesia as the host also makes a great success. Finished at the 4th position with 31 gold medals, this is the most medals collected throughout their Asian Games participation. This is 20 more medals compare to the highest record previously achieved in Asian Games 1966. Similar records also happen to Uzbekistan. Next to the host country’s position, this former Soviet republic collects 21 gold models. Beforehand, their best record is at 15 medals in Asian Games 2002. Hence, this makes Iran has to be satisfied in 6th position for this round of Asian Games.

Furthermore, there are three countries that break their own record – Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan and Cambodia. Bahrain brought 12 gold medals home, compare to 9 medals in Asian Games 2014. While the other two countries are only able to win 2 gold medals, it is enough to break the record. The best record for both Kyrgyzstan and Cambodia in this continental multi-sport event is one gold medal in 2014 and 2010 respectively.

Another achievement is made by athletes under Korean Unification Flag / Korea (COR). This is the first time both South Korea and North Korea marched together as a unified team in the opening ceremony for the event. Korea succeeds to gain 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

On the other hand, there are few countries who did not manage to obtain a single medal. They are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Brunei, Maladewa, Palestina, Timor Leste, Yaman and Oman. Total participation countries for this year event is 46 countries who are all member of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)

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