Retire Like Beckham!

There aren’t many former footballers who have retired for a few years, but their names still exist. Even if there was, it was because they switched professions to become coaches.

In fact, many Premier League footballers have gone bankrupt, such as Keith Gillespie and Eric Djemba-Djemba. But, the most famous is George Best, the legendary player who brought United the first Champions Cup champion in 1968.

Best played soccer for more than 21 years. However, income during his career depleted because of his alcoholic problem, collecting luxury cars and women. It resulted in him declared bankruptcy.

In memory of 7 years Beckham retired

Twenty years later, the legendary costume number 7 Best at United, inherited by a player named David Robert Joseph Beckham. About the ball skills, Best might be considered better than Beckham. But, in managing finances and preparing for the future after retirement, Beckham is clearly far better than his predecessor.

And behold, seven years have passed after he hung up shoes, Beckham is still fine. He is still famous. Still rich. What is the secret?

In the past, when Beckham decided to retire from football in May 2013, the best-selling English newspaper, The Sun ran the title “End It Like Beckham”. Beckham is considered to be an example of a footballer who could end his long career sweetly when he brought his last club in Europe, Paris SG became the French League 1 champion.

When he left Man. United to Real Madrid in 2003, he also came out with a championship trophy. When he left Real, he also came out with a trophy. Also, two titles at the United States club, LA Galaxy received when he moved to Paris.

However, the translation “End It Like Beckham” is actually more than that. Beckham did not just end his ball career with a trophy. He also left football without worrying about what to do after retiring.

In fact, a few hours after the news of Beckham’s retirement, the British newspapers were busy polling their readers with the question “what profession did Beckham take after retirement?”

Hollywood star Tom Cruise offered him to play in a box office movie that has made his name famous, Mission Impossible 5. Beckham does have a history of acting. He has appeared as a cameo in the films Goal II and Bend it Like Beckham.

Another top Hollywood star, Brad Pitt, admitted Beckham could become a new celebrity in Hollywood. “I met David several times. I think he can do whatever he wants on TV and movies,” Pitt said.

Learn from Beckham’s way of “selling himself”

Beckham does have a different aura from most players. People say, anything Beckham does can make money. When Real signed him in 2003, they didn’t just need Beckham to play football. But also to boost sales of club merchandise and branding.

Because of Beckham, soccer has become more friendly to the public of the United States who were previously reluctant to look at the sport they call Soccer. They are more pleased with their version of Football America. Since Beckham played at LA Galaxy, Americans from workers to upper class socialites have come to fill the stadium. They shouted the word “Beckham” while holding up the poster “Welcome to USA, David”.

Because Beckham, football is not just sporting images that are running to win the ball. He has been transformed into a lifestyle. Back then, when Beckham changed his hairstyle, it immediately became a trend. Boys all over the world suddenly want a Beckham-style Mohawk hairstyle while performing at the 2002 World Cup.

To Sir Alex Ferguson, Beckham always considered him a father and teacher figure who had made him a big star. He easily forgot when Ferguson was angry and had his temples sewn from a shoe throw in the dressing room in 2003.

Ferguson once called Beckham a true sportsman who loved to practice, but changed because of his wife, Victoria Adams, the singer of the Spice Girls group. And indeed, Victoria was the one who made Beckham today. Life choices that make many people consider Beckham as an “artist in the entertainment world” rather than a green field star.

When his best friend, Gary Neville, who worked for Sky Sports, interviewed him about his retirement decision, Beckham ventured he would miss playing football. “I will rest. But after that it will be difficult. I will do anything that keeps me busy. But, I will miss football,” Beckham said at the time.

Beckham’s words to Gary Neville were proven. Now, he is back to the football he missed. However, not as a coach like most former football players. Beckham is different. He became a club owner.

Yes, in 2018, Beckham built a football club in Miami, United States. It’s called, Inter Miami CF. Certainly not only a soccer club, but also a training complex. All that can be done because of financial capabilities and a broad network. In 2020, Inter Miami will perform in Major League Soccer (MLS), the highest soccer competition in the United States.

The long journey of Beckham’s career and life that is still fine after retiring when many of his colleagues are miserable, can be a lesson for us. That, do not go too far to enjoy the heyday because someday there will be a different time.

Don’t be too absorbed in enjoying work until you forget to prepare for old age. Because, each of us will always meet “twilight”. Retire like Beckham!

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