Ricciardo and Red Bull to announce deal in August


Daniel Ricciardo was expected to sign new deal with the Red Bull F1 team after Hungarian Grand Prix. But recently he changed the deadline for rearrangement of the mutual terms.

Ricciardo had earlier expected to conclude the deal before the mid-season break but Red Bull hinted that a deal was concluded at the end of June.

However, Australian driver have to leave for summer vacation without any formal deal in hand. He will leave after performing the pre-summer duties.

Ricciardo’s deal is expected to conclude at the end of August. The arrangements might be announced around Belgian Grand Prix.

“Did it look simple? I was just making it up so you guys would stop asking me.”, Ricciardo answered to a question whether there were any complications in renewal.

He added: “It will definitely be done by Spa. Whether it gets announced over the summer break or in Spa [I don’t know].

“[It’s] just a little bit of fine-tuning here and there. It’s all good.

“You’ll hear something soon I’m sure.”

Ricciardo Performance

Max Verstappen was offered a lucrative deal at the end of last year which was successfully concluded before the start of this season. But Ricciardo proved to be more effective on track than his team mate.

Ricciardo managed to win two grand prixs, China and Monaco, which pushed his expectations to move to a better team. He aimed to fight for title, for which he was willing to leave Red Bull.

However, 29-year-old wished to join top two F1 teams but his victories could not convince those teams to replace their current drivers.

The lack of interest from the two teams ultimately left Ricciardo to continue with the third best team, Red Bull. The new deal has not been formally announced but yet it seemed that the two sides has reached an agreement.

The fresh deal is expected to last for two more years, which will provide opportunity to drive and manufacturer to evaluate F1 rules changes for 2021. After which both parties could evaluate different options before they hit the tracks in 2021.



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