Ricciardo switching to McLaren

Ricciardo joining McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo will be switching the team from Renault to McLaren in 2021.

The decision to leave current team and join next is “by no means an easy decision”.

Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel announced to split the partnership at the end of 2020. This decision stirred the Formula 1 drivers market.

The Honey Badger found an opportunity to shift his career through McLaren. He will be replacing Carlo Sainz, who was taken on board by Ferrari for Vettel’s replacement.

The 30-year-old still lacked the clarity regarding his decision as he was during his move from Red Bull to Renault in 2018.

“Without any races, you have to believe. It’s what pitch excites you more than the other,” Ricciardo said.

He was impressed by the McLaren progress last year. It claimed fourth position in championship over taking Renault. Additionally, he was convinced because the team will have a Mercedes engine for 2021.

“Last year is our best reference,” Ricciardo said. “They were the team that made the most noise. they made the biggest step out of all so that was encouraging. That’s all you can base it off and then the pitch for the future. They are switching power-units. It was by no means an easy decision.”

He pointed out to differences between the decision in 2018 and 2020 regarding switching teams.

“That had run its course for me,” he said. “I needed a change. This was not as clear. We didn’t achieve what we wanted last year. I don’t know. It was by no means an easy one and time will tell.”

Ricciardo slips into Renault

The Australian slips into his Renault for a two day testing this week. The teams prepare for season resumption in July after F1 racing was suspended in February due to COVID-19 situation.

“It was good to get back into it,” he said. “The first few laps felt a little foreign but it’s like all things when you have been doing something pretty much your whole life, it doesn’t take long until you remember the feeling and it all feels very normal very quickly.”

Teams are taking precautionary measures and are following SOP’s.

Ricciardo said: “It was certainly different. Our debriefs were happening over video calls. Most of us were sitting in the same area but at distance so we’re all doing our debrief through video meetings.

“Everyone has a mask on in the garage. There is just a little more awareness of personal space. Whenever there’s a change it takes a bit of time to adapt but in time we do adapt.”

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