Rio Ferdinand Believes Harry Kane Would Be Fit for Man United

Rio Ferdinand Believes Harry Kane Would Be Fit for Man United

Harry Kane has been out for over three months for Tottenham Hotspur and Jose Mourinho was unclear about when the captain could return.

The England international has been sidelined with a hamstring injury since January. His future remains unclear as the media understands Kane told his teammates that he wants to leave the club after ending the 2019/20 season.

And Rio Ferdinand believes Manchester United could be Kane’s next destination because United would coast to a Champions League place at the end of the season.

“We’ve seen the news about Kane’s future. When he’s been pressed in the past about his loyalty to Spurs, he’s always been a bit coy. But this isolation, I don’t know what it’s done to him but he’s dropped a couple of bombs.” Ferdinad said.

“If you’ve got aspirations to be successful, and you can go out there and court big clubs and go to successful places where you can win things, you’ve got to be searching for that. He can’t be sitting there and be totally happy at Spurs.

Kane on the other hand, has been linked to the biggest clubs in the Europe. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus are among others. And Ferdinand once again claims that Kane is perfect for the Red Devils.

“Yes he’ll have made loads of money but he’ll do that anywhere but he won’t have nothing to remember in terms of great day picking up a trophy here and there.” Ferdinand said.

“Do you think he’ll be satisfied? I’ll tell you now: no. He won’t be, he’ll be devastated. The Red Devils will be in for him because he’s perfect for United.

“Juventus would be in, Real Madrid have been buying young top potential, but do they want an experienced one to help? I reckon they’d be on the scene.” Ferdinand added.

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