Rivalry of Mike Tyson vs Michael Jordan

There are two Michael who are famous in the world of sports since the 80s. One named Michael Jordan, the other one named Michael Tyson aka Mike Tyson.

Michael Jordan came to the NBA in 1984. Jordan has been known as a talented player since college and he helped bring the United States to become the 1984 Olympic champion. The Chicago Bulls are the lucky club to get Jordan. In his first season, 1984/1985, Jordan had scored 28.2 points per game and transformed into a new NBA star.

Tyson just underwent a professional fight in 1985. The name Tyson immediately stole the attention because he underwent 15 duels in his first year and won all of the matches with KO / TKO. Tyson didn’t take long to get the chance to become a world champion. In the second year of his career, Tyson was able to become a world champion at the age of 20 years. Tyson beat Trevor Berbick through a TKO victory in the second round. Tyson officially became the youngest world champion in heavyweight history.

The following years were the golden age of Tyson. He really became the world boxing icon.

Meanwhile Jordan also continued its trend as a top scorer in the NBA even though he had never felt the NBA title.

On one occasion, Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan were called almost fighting when sitting at the same dining table. According to Tyson’s former manager, Rory Holloway, the drunk Tyson began to intimidate Jordan. One reason is Robin Givens. Givens was Tyson’s ex-wife and had a romance with Jordan before he met Tyson.

“Jordan is like seeing a ghost. Like other men, Tyson has an ego and he hears rumors circulating. Mike Tyson was known as ‘The Bad Guy on Earth’.

“Tyson began to say to Jordan: ‘I know you have sex with her. Jordan then waited for Mike Tyson’s next reaction whether to laugh or something else,” Holloway was quoted as saying by the Chicago Tribune.

At that time Mike Tyson was influenced by liquor and Tyson was not a person who was used to drinking liquor so he was like a child who was first drunk. Everyone at the same table including Don King tried to change the subject, but Tyson remained focused on Jordan. Luckily there were no physical fights at the end of the event.

When Tyson experienced a fall with his first defeat, Jordan actually entered a golden period. Jordan and the Bulls won three successive titles, aka three peat, when Tyson was serving a prison sentence for rape.

When Tyson left prison, Jordan also just decided to return to the basketball court after retiring for a while. Jordan then brought the Chicago Bulls to the NBA championship in 1996, as did Tyson who also returned to being the world champion in the same year.

But the story of Jordan and Tyson is different entering the end of a career. Jordan successfully completed a brilliant career with the second three peat with the Chicago Bulls in 1998. Although he had returned with the Washington Wizards in 2002, at that time Jordan was no longer aiming for achievements.

Meanwhile Tyson underwent a career ending with a bad record. Two defeats from Evander Holyfield were swallowed by Tyson in 1996 and 1997. Tyson tried to get up and get the chance to fight the 2002 world champions against Lennox Lewis. But Tyson again failed on the last occasion.

‘Iron Mike’ finally finished his career in 2005 after swallowing two successive defeats from Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.

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