Roberto Firmino Hungry to Win More Titles with Liverpool

Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino is ready to get work ahead of EPL Matchweek 13 on Friday night. The Brazilian forward is hoping of adding yet more silverware in this season.

“I think I improved a lot in every way: physically, tactically, mentally, I learned a bit of every aspect. But I do not want to stop here. I want to keep improving, I always want more, I have big goals, I want to keep winning titles with this club and that is it.” Firmino said.

Firmino has been directly involved in 3 goals and 3 assists in his pas 12 competitive starts for Liverpool. The 28-year-old forward wants everyone to know he made some kind of sacrifice to help his team.

“That is just me, my personality, to try to be a good and humble guy. To try to help my team in the best way with assists and goals. I like that, I like to win all the time, and for that I will always be like this.” Firmino said.

“I am a guy who respects my position on the pitch. Where the team needs me, I will play. As a No.9, but sometimes I play as a No.10, and I try to give my best.

“As I mentioned before, I always want to help my team as best as I can and to always be chasing the win, always winning games. That is what matters the most.” Firmino added.

When asked about his head coach, Jurgen Klopp, Firmino admitted the German has a methodology for winning and will never stop praising the coach.

“I am never tired of praising Klopp. He has so many good things on and off the pitch. He really helps us on a daily basis, we learn so much from him in every way.

“He is able to have the team with him. We have been doing things well and learning a lot from him, and we have been showing on the pitch that we can grow more and more each day and do our best.”

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