Roger Federer beaten Gilles Simon for Shanghai Masters

Today exciting news for the fans of Roger Federer is finally up. Roger has beaten Gilles Simons and has made his win for Shanghai Masters. Today the match was played in Shanghai, China. Roger Federer known as Swiss world number third best player gave defeat to Gilles Simons by 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-2) and with this Roger Federer the renowned one of the best tennis players finally gave a boost to his victor during this match. Back in 2010, Roger Federer was defeated by Andy Murray and he then lost his title for Shanghai Masters.

On his win for Shanghai Masters Roger Federer said, “To win the biggest tournament in Asia is a treat”. Though, it is a fact that this win for Roger Federer opened doors of happiness and victory for him. The last tournament of Shanghai Masters was lost by him. This made him for him winning a tournament in Asia is a big achievement and he is much pleased by the success today. Roger Federer has always been a great tennis player and this year up till now he has been seen winning various titles and awards. His fans are excited in all over the world. On receiving the award, Roger Federer added, “I got lucky to come through the first round after saving five match points. It’s been a dream week”. After this success in Shanghai Masters, Roger Federer has been moved to top rank number two after Novak Djokovic among the top tennis players of 2014.

As I said that today’s match was much interesting! During the second set Gilles Simon led his set with 6 – 5 and finally made two set points. There were few errors made by Gilles Simon which gave way to Roger Federer and he just took advantage of them. After the first set Simon Gilles 29 year old went for medical time – out. This defeat by Simon Gilles was second in final of Shanghai Masters. In 2008 he was defeated by Murray in Madrid. During the whole match Roger Federer played much aggressively and finally he settled up four points of championship. After this success of Roger Federer his fans around the world have many hopes from him and for sure being the number 2nd best tennis player Roger Federer will be up for creating great sets in matches. My predictions in regard to Roger Federer for the upcoming matches of 2014 are pretty high.


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