Roger Federer replaces Rafael Nadal

For International Premier Tennis League Line up Rafael Nadal has been replaced by Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal has left the International Premier Tennis League Line – up for getting prepared for 2015’s upcoming tournaments. So Federer took his plan for the Premier Tennis League. When the event was announced Federer was a bit cautious about it but then he confirmed in Indian Aces team that he is going to replace Nadal in this tournament. Rafael Nadal due to his wrist injury and certain other health issues, he has just quitted from the event. He is now up for more hard work and physical exertion. So he is going to play better in 2015’s new tournaments.
On 28th November, event is going to start. In this event current and former players Agassi, Pete Sampras, Serena Williams and Andy Murray are going to take part. After getting wrist injury in Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal was out from the grounds. Now he has plans to play in Paris, Shanghai, and Basel and also for ATP World Tour Finals London. Before playing in Shanghai he is going to stay in Beijing.
On asking about replacement from Federer, he never committed and said, “I think it’s interesting, but nothing changes as a player has to decide how often he wants to play, how many matches he wants to play.” However, later on the news is up that Federer is going to replace Nadal. Now it is confirmed.
International Premier Tennis League tournament finally confirmed on Twitter that Rafael Nadal is not playing anymore and his place has been taken up by Federer. Roger Federer in regard to this event said, “I’m really looking forward to making my first trip to Delhi. My team tells me that there’s a lot of tennis fans and supporters of mine in the area.” Roger Federer has always been a great player and he has millions of fans in all over the world. On his decision of replacing Nadal has made his fans much excited.
The final match of this tournament will be played on 13th December. The event will last for 16 days and it will be played in four different places i.e. Manila, Singapore, Dubai and Delhi. So with best players this tournament is going to be amazing and interesting. Now let’s see who is going to take up the title on 13th December, 2014.

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