This Former tennis player did not expect Roger Federer to be one of the best tennis players

Roger Federer

Tennis News: Lucas Arnold Ker calls himself a lover of tennis and does not hesitate to admit that tennis rackets and balls are everything in most of his life.

Roger Federer to be one of the best tennis players. Lucas Arnold Ker did not expect.

The 45-year-old former Argentine, Arnold Ker, whose father and brother also play professional tennis, advanced to the final of the French Open doubles in the 1997 season and is ranked the highest in his career in the 77th world ranking.

One thing that Arnold Ker will never forget is facing Roger Federer at the Swiss Open, Gstaad 1998 season, Federer’s debut at the ATP tournament. Arnold Ked defeated the 16-year-old host in two straight sets in 80 minutes.

“I often remember that I beat him. But not many people know that it was his first match (Federer) in the ATP tournament, “Arnold Ker recalled to “I never thought or imagined that Federer would be one of the best tennis players in the world and history, I really did not expect.”

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In the tournament, Arnold Ker who was ranked 88th in the world was failed in the final qualifying round. He entered the main draw of the match as a lucky loser and thanks to Tommy Haas who retired due to food poisoning.

Arnold Ker did not pay much attention to Federer, who at that time had just claimed the junior category of Wimbledon.

“I had to compete against Swiss junior tennis players and at that time Switzerland had not made much history in the tennis world. They do not have a reliable tennis player,” Arnold Ker.

“Roger Federer has a neat service and forehand But the backhand is not too good. I remember making him run in all directions and it made me able to defeat him in straight sets with solid.”

Did Arnold Ker imagine that he had just faced the world number 1 in the future and had 20 Grand Slam titles?

“It’s amazing that he developed into one of the best tennis players in history.” Exclaimed Arnold Ker.

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