Ronaldo Rules Over the Digital World of China

Try to look at the list below:

Cristiano Ronaldo

Neymar Junior

Lionel Messi


Real Madrid


Premier League


There is something interesting from the statistics mentioned above. Perhaps the individuals or institutions mentioned above can see the reality and can be proud of themselves. Because the sports agent Mailman released the 9th year Red Card Report, Juventus retainer, Cristiano Ronaldo, managed to become the most popular in the digital world of China. Although those who are in the digital world of China are down 15 percent compared to last year, but the retainer of the Portuguese national team is not reduced, instead it continues to grow on Weibo. Ronaldo dismissed Paris Saint-Germain’s retainer, Neymar Junior in second place, and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi in third place.

Since Neymar, the Brazilian, has joined Tik Tok social media application in January 2019, his popularity has grown. Ronaldo himself commented on the release. That he has a big role and influence in China and feels very proud to be ranked first two years in a row. For the team, Barcelona turned out to be the number one most popular. The team that had just fired Ernesto Valverde and replaced him with Queque Setien moved up five places to get rid of Real Madrid in second place.

Surprise made by Chelsea. The club, now handled by Frank Lampard, put aside Manchester United and Manchester City in third place. Nevertheless, Manchester United “The Red Devils” became the club with the most followers on Weibo. The English League and the German League are the two most popular competitions in China’s virtual universe.

It had been a big question for everyone lately: Who is the most luxurious apartment in Ronaldo’s home country, Portugal, and who is the owner?

It turned out that the apartment in question and located in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, had just been owned by the superstar!

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo closed the year 2019 by buying an apartment for 7.2 million euros (Rp 109.6 billion). Not with credit, but the 34-year-old man paid him directly in cash by bank transfer. Theportugalnews claims the apartment is the most luxurious apartment in Portugal.

Reportedly Ronaldo won the competition for an apartment with indoor pool facilities, three bed rooms, and other luxury facilities after defeating two other billionaires who were interested. Previously, news about the sale of the apartment had been blown in June 2019. But who is the owner, is still a question mark. Now, people already know, Cristiano Ronaldo is the one!

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