Ronaldo’s Answer to Sarri

European Cup 2020 qualification has started again. In Group B, there is the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Portugal. Portugal must win one more match to the finals, after Ukraine, which is perched at the top, has confirmed its win, leaving one match remaining.

To qualify, Portugal must win in the remaining two matches, namely against Lithuania and Luxembourg. Because it turns out Serbia also won (3-2) against Luxembourg at the same time. But apparently the Portuguese coach, Fernando Santos, denied that Ronaldo was injured. In addition to Ronaldo being played, Santos also played three other strikers, Goncalo Pacienca, Andre Silva, and Eder.

But apparently Ronaldo even more crazy, the 34-year-old player even scored a hat trick in a match at the Estadio Algarve Stadium. The final result, Portugal won 6-0 over Lithuania. Action has only been running for 7 minutes, Ronaldo struck the ball through a penalty kick.

The penalty from Saulius Mikoliuna who broke Ronaldo in the box, before Ronaldo also had a chance to threaten in the 4th minute through a header. In the 22nd minute, Ronaldo used a loose ball from Pacineca. From outside the penalty box, Ronaldo fired a curling shot and lodged into the goal of Lithuania who was escorted by Ernestas Setkus. 2-0 for Portugal. Selecao’s efforts to increase the advantage in vain, until halftime the score was still 2-0.

Selecao still ferociously entered the second round. Portugal’s third goal scored by Pizzi in the 52nd minute. This goal originated from Bruno Miguel’s pass, Pizzi dribbled on the right side, and fired. 3-0 for Portugal. While the fourth goal Selecao das Quinas began with goalkeeper Setkus who held Silva’s ball kicked, but the round skin became vomited. This is where, Giancarlo Pacienca grabbed the ball. Portugal won 4-0.

While Portugal’s 5th goal came from pass Ricardo Pereira, received by Manchester City player, Silva. Slightly controlling the ball in the penalty box, Silva struck the ball. While Rinaldo’s hat trick was created two minutes later. This goal started from Silva’s pull from the left.

There was no longer a goal feast in the remaining time, until the referee blew the long whistle, the score 6-0 remained owned by Portugal. Victory, bringing Portugal to collect 14 points, is still in second position in Group B. At the top, perched Ukraine with 19 points. Serbia is 3rd with 13 points. Fourth, Luxembourg with 4 points. In the puddle, Lithuania with point 1.

Portugal need one more victory to ensure qualification for the main round of the 2020 European Cup. The match against Luxembourg. New records appear after the fight earlier. This is the 55th hat trick for CR7 in his professional career. And Ronaldo has now scored 98 goals for his country. Only 11 goals left to equal the record for most goals created for the country. Ali Daei scored 109 goals for Iran. It is appropriate that Ronaldo get angry. In the last two games at Juventus, Ronaldo was pulled out by the Old Lady coach, Maurizio Sarri, because Ronaldo was considered to have a problem with his knee.

Ronaldo has even left the stadium even though Juventus’s match against AC Milan has not ended, last weekend. Ronaldo pulled out of Sarri and returned to the dressing room. Ronaldo was doubtful at the time.

What Ronaldo did when playing in Portugal against Lithuania is evidence and proof of the quality of the world’s best players. He made a hat trick!

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