Rossi also Idolized This F1 driver

Yamaha Energy Monster racer, Valentino Rossi, apparently also idolizes young Formula 1 (F1) racer, Lando Norris. That means, the two riders of different mounts idolize each other.

Norris, F1 debutant racer from the McLaren team, bluntly stated that he idolized Rossi, who is a living legend of MotoGP. Norris’s admiration for Rossi was shown when driving F1 Italian GP some time ago. At that time, he wore a helmet design similar to the one used by Rossi.

The helmet used by Norris at the Monza Circuit has a blue-yellow pattern and the symbol of the soleluna (sun and crescent) which is identical to Rossi. Surprisingly, the Idol apparently also admired Norris and considered that F1 racer who born in Bristol, England, would be great riders in the future.

The flattery between Norris and Rossi began at the 2019 British MotoGP, where Norris took time to visit Rossi in the paddock. A week later, Norris appeared at the Monza Circuit, Italy, wearing a helmet designed specifically to honor Rossi.

As a figure who was idolized, Rossi actually showed humility by appreciating Norris’s actions. Quoted from Speedweek, Rossi revealed that he was proud of what was done by Norris. “I am very happy and proud, because this is an honor for me,” Rossi said praising Norris.

“I am very happy with what Lando (Norris) has done. I don’t mind exchanging helmets with him,” he continued. As for Norris is not the only F1 racer who openly shows his admiration for the figure of Rossi.

In addition to Norris, there is a Red Bull Racing racer, Alex Albon, who also idolizes the racer nicknamed The Doctor. “They (Norris and Albon) say that they have followed my appearance in MotoGP since childhood,” Rossi said. “Of course that’s a good thing.” “I really enjoyed it because they were both great riders even though they were very young,” he added.

Furthermore, Rossi also expressed his hopes for Norris as the future F1 driver. “Lando is a very good man. He is also still very young, 19 years old. Nevertheless he will be a very smart racer,” Rossi said. “He looks more experienced than his age now. I’m also a fan,” continued The Doctor.

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