Russel “very thankful” for Halo

Russel thankful for Halo on his car

George Russel and Antonio Giovinazzi were unfortunate to retire from the race due to car crash at Belgian Grand Prix. Thanks to halo cockpit for enduring the impacts.

On lap 10, Giovinazzi lost his car to right hand side of Formula 1 track into barrier. One of his wheel went off on to Williams car during bouncing back on track.

Damaged Alfa Romeo car, pushed Russel to evade the disaster but in vein. A tire of Giovinazzi’s car hit Russel’s car but thankfully both remained protected. They were able to leave their machines unharmed on the spot.

The safety car was deployed against the crash. The safety car remained on track while the cars and the debris were removed from track. Fortunately, there were no red flags during the race.

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Russel spoke on the unfortunate retirement after his return to paddock. Unluckily, he was unable to avoid crash and there was no space left except the wall.

He shared his feelings while an errant tire flew towards him. He was thankful for having a halo cockpit.

“If I went to the right, that’s where Antonio’s car was, and at the left side of the track, I had a massive impact with the tyre,” Russell said.

“But I have to say you feel much safer in the car now with the halo.

“When I saw this massive tyre coming towards me, it was quite scary to be honest.

“So I’m very thankful that we have this halo on the car right now.

“I’m all fine. Just a little bit frustrated obviously. But that’s racing sometimes.”

Giovinazzi explained how he lost control and cause the disaster that put both drivers in danger. He thinks a snap of over steer caused the accident.

“Unfortunately I had a snap of oversteer on the exit, nothing I could do,” Giovinazzi said.

“I’m just sorry for my team after what happened today. But I have to reset my mind right now for Italy.

“I feel really sorry for [Russell], as I destroyed his race as well. Really unfortunate what happened to him. I’m just sorry.”

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