San Marino MotoGP Results: Marquez Defeats Quartararo

Marc Marquez defeated Fabio Quartararo in the 2019 San Marino MotoGP race at the Misano Circuit on Sunday (9/15).

Maverick Vinales, who won the pole, started the race perfectly and was superior to Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli. Valentino Rossi, who started the race from the seventh position, almost bumped into Andrea Dovizioso in the early turns.

Vinales finished the first lap in pole position, followed by Quartararo and Marquez. Marquez had difficulty at the start, but was able to move up two positions after the first lap to third.

The change in position occurred on the third lap when Quartararo overtook Vinales at corner ten. One lap later was Marquez’s turn to overtake Vinales in the same place. Vinales seemed to lose his grip in only four laps of the race.

Entering the seventh lap, Quartararo and Marquez have started leaving Vinales. At this point Marquez already has an advantage of up to 1.5 seconds over Vinales. Luckily for Top Gun, he is already two seconds ahead of Morbidelli in fourth.

Interesting competition between Quartararo and Marquez began on lap nine. Marquez did not let the 20-year-old driver lead comfortably after only 0.2 seconds adrift.

Entering lap 17, Rossi finally managed to overtake Morbidelli to occupy fourth place. Unfortunately, The Doctor had to chase Vinales who excelled almost six seconds ahead of him to be able to get a podium finish.

Until the race leaves five laps, Quartararo managed to maintain the leading position and made no mistakes. Even so Marquez did not leave Quartararo alone in front. Marquez remains ambitious to cancel Quartararo’s first win in the MotoGP event.

For the third consecutive time this season after being in Austria and England, the winner of the race is determined on the last lap. Entering the last lap Marquez made it past Quartararo in a straight line.

Quartararo then manages to overtake the fourth corner. However, Marquez successfully passed Quartararo on corner six. Quartararo’s last chance to pass Marquez was at the 14th corner, but El Diablo made a mistake.

Marquez then won the 2019 San Marino MotoGP race by beating Quartararo and Vinales.

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