Sebastain Vettel won second F1 race in a row

Vettel F1 BahrainGP

Ferrari started its F1 season with victories. It has won two races in Australia and Bahrain Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel made his way to top, after an intense battle with Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas, at Bahrain Grand Prix.

Vettel kept his position over Mercedes even though Bottas came closer to him in the final lap but could not cross him.

Vettel gave one of the unpredictable and best race of his career, with an amazing second win for his team.

In an intense moment for Ferrari to secure the third place, a mechanic got injured by Kimi Raikonnen, who appeared to have run over him at the last probable pit stop before he could have completed the race.

It appears  that he was given a green signal, while the mechanic was still at work.

This incident provides an opportunity for Mercedes to secure the third place.

Vettel’s amazing Victory

Vettel was put on soft tyres which had a life of 15 laps, but Vettel could not risk stopping in pit for another change and had to finished with those unpredictable tyres.

“These tyres were done, done, in the last 10 laps,” Vettel said to his team.

Bottas chased Vettel over the last five laps by five seconds, but he couldn’t manage to cross him at first corner. He missed second chance at the fourth corner, which put crown at Vettel’s head.

The victory could have been more sweeten for Ferrari only if the Raikonnen had not ran over the leg of a mechanic, who was changing the rear tyre.

Mercedes was able to play over Ferrari, when it pushed the rival into a challenging position to choose between losing the lead to Mercedes by stopping for fresh tyres, or cling on to vulnerable tyres.

Mercedes kept Bottas for two more laps while Ferrari pit Vettel at the end of 18th. Ferrari fitted soft tyres while Bottas changed to medium, which could easily run for 40 straight laps.

Medium tyres put Ferrari under pressure as Bottas was able to complete the race using the same tyres, while Ferrari had to change before they could finish.

Ferrari decided not to stop for another pit, risking tyres, which paid off well at the end. Vettel pushed its car with those fragile tyres while managing pace, which helped him in acing the second win this season.

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