See the Opportunities Duo Ronaldo and Messi at Juventus

Rumors of a duo between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at Juventus have developed in recent times. A fantastic duet to imagine and quite difficult to realize.

Ronaldo and Messi are the two best players in more than a decade. Both are goal machines that consistently appear productive from season to season.

The following points are explained that allow this duet to materialize at Juventus: As they both begin to enter the twilight, the thought of watching the dream duet cross again. Ronaldo and Messi are considered to be able to present a powerful combination on the field.

1. Lionel Messi is frustrated in Barcelona

Lionel Messi continues to express his disappointment with the situation in Barcelona in the past year. Messi does not hate Barcelona but he hates the way Joseph Bartomeu and his staff deal with Barcelona.

Messi was disappointed several times with Barcelona’s policy of team formation. If Barcelona fails to win, be it La Liga or the Champions League, Messi’s frustration can reach the top. Messi can decide to leave Barcelona to start a new adventure.

2. Curiosity Ronaldo and Messi

If Lionel Messi’s recruitment talks lead to a more serious direction, Cristiano Ronaldo as the brightest star at Juventus will certainly be consulted.

If Ronaldo was also curious to feel playing with Messi in the same team, the conversation would be easier.

Ronaldo, who has been supported by top stars, is certainly more likely to be spoiled with Messi’s mature passes.

Imagining Ronaldo and Messi attacking together, that would be the worst nightmare imaginable by opposing defenders.

3. Adidas Sponsor Juventus and Messi

Adidas became a sponsor of Juventus until 2027. With the figure of Messi so far the icon of adidas, it can also facilitate the process of the departure of Messi to Juventus.

Here are the points that prevent the duo Ronaldo-Messi created at Juventus:

1. Messi’s Big Salary

Lionel Messi is the player with the biggest salary in the world. If Messi moves to Juventus with the same salary standard, Juventus will certainly have a hard time meeting that salary.

So far Juventus has been bearing the huge salaries of Ronaldo and several other star players such as Paulo Dybala, Douglas Costa, to Giorgio Chiellini and Buffon.

This salary factor would be an obstacle to Messi’s arrival if the Argentine didn’t drastically lower his salary standard.

2. Arrival of Neymar

The transfer market next season will have an important role in the career of Lionel Messi in Barcelona. If the Blaugrana manage to get Neymar back to Camp Nou, it is likely that this will also mean closing the Messi exit.

In the last two seasons, Messi has always expressed the desire to return to play with Neymar at Barcelona. Messi always considered Neymar as a great partner at Barcelona. If Neymar returns, Messi will most likely not be tempted to leave Barcelona. Even Messi might end his career at the club.

3. Ruin the Juventus Scheme

It took Juventus a long time to get Paulo Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo to come together on the pitch. Messi’s presence can damage the performance that has been built a long time.

With a similar playing style, it’s hard to see Messi playing with Dybala at Juventus. This has been true in Argentina so far. If Messi arrives and Dybala is more often used as a backup, it is quite possible that Juventus will even lose Dybala, who has moved to another club.

Referring to the consideration of Dybala still 26 years old, the Bianconeri certainly realize that Dybala could be one of the future leaders of Juventus and deserves special attention at this time.

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