Here’s Serena Williams’ Tribute To Simone Biles

Serena Williams

Serena Williams paid tribute to legendary US gymnast Simone Biles, who is listed as the 100 most influential people of 2021 according to Time magazine.

The magazine often chooses friends and compatriots of the people they want to respect to write their profiles. The US tennis star’s appreciation of Biles was one of the main highlights of this year’s edition.

Grand Slam winner started by praising his compatriot and stressing that the number of Olympic and World Championship medals. He has won is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

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“There’s something poetic about the way Simone Biles moves,” Serena Williams wrote. She is a master of precision, grace and dominance and 24 years old she has established herself. As one of the most accomplished US gymnasts of all time. With a total of 32 Olympic and World Championship medals, Simone’s achievements are something that can only be seen once in a lifetime.

The former world number 1 then pointed out that Biles’ greatest achievements have come from the athletic spectrum. She credits the 24-year-old athlete for not being afraid to face her mental health and setting new standards for beauty, strength and tenacity.

“However, Simone’s greatest achievements are what she does outside of gymnastics. She uses a mature voice and platform to share her personal journey of loving, respecting, and accepting oneself. He is so wise beyond his years. Living a life of honesty and overcoming mental health, she has set new standards for beauty, strength and tenacity.”

“The things she embodies truly reflect the endless potential of black women. I wish I could make him a role model when I was younger. And try to make my dreams come true.”

The tennis player who is still dealing with a hamstring injury, has decided to miss the final WTA 1000 level tournament of the season at Indian Wells in early October.

Williams last competed at Wimbledon where she was force to withdraw from her opener against Aliaksandra Sasnovich after she injured her right leg in an unusual fall. He has been a champion at Indian Wells and last won it in the 2001 season.

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