Sergey Kovalev Reveals Why He Took Canelo Alvarez Fight

Sergey Kovalev

Former WBO world light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev (34-4-1 29 KOs) has revealed that he took Canelo Alvarez (53-1-2, 36 KOs) fight for money. He added he had no chance of winning because had little chance to recover from his previous title.

Canelo shocked the light weight division when he stopped Kovalev in the eleventh round in November 2, at MGM Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

Most of the fans believed that the “Krusher” took the fight with Canelo just for big money, because they know that the Russian icon was hard to win the fight in 12 rounds

“Given all the conditions in which I was faced with the battle with Canelo, it was impossible to win this fight, to come up in the right form, in which you can defeat this hog.” Kovalev said.

“Whoever believed in all this, who bet money, greed played a cruel joke with you. I can safely say that you are ignoramuses in this sport, since you thought that I could win.

“I had no weight. I climbed into this weight category with torment and sleepless nights. Of course, it was a financially interesting offer.” Kovalev added.

Kovalev is 36, his best days are behind him and he has a lot of issues outside the ring, he has also shown a lack of discipline in the past. Due to this then Canelo’s camp know this, so expect a lot of contractual insertions probably around a catch-weight of somewhere near 170lbs and a rehydration clause.

“Canelo and his team all figured out. I had one preparation, then the fight was postponed to August, the second preparation, then the third preparation. In this way I wrecked the body. I didn’t understand how I survived until the 11th round; after the 7th, I started to run out of gas,” Kovalev said.

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