Sergio Aguero Officially Leave Man City

Sergio Aguero officially left Manchester City at the end of the season in the absence of a contract extension agreement.

Manchester City confirmed Aguero’s departure at the end of the season. Man City representative Khaldoon Al Mubarak stated that Sergio Aguero had a big contribution behind Man City’s success.

“Sergio’s contribution to Manchester City in more than 10 years will not feel exaggerated. The legend of Aguero will remain in the memory of everyone who loves this club and perhaps those who also love football.”

“Right now is not the right moment to say goodbye. There is still something to be achieved in the remaining season with Sergio. We are still looking forward to his contribution to the challenges that lie ahead,” Al Mubarak was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

In this season, Manchester City still have the opportunity to win four championship trophies. In the League Cup, Manchester City are already in the final, while in the Premier League, Manchester City are the most favored team to win.

Manchester City will face Chelsea in the FA Cup semifinals and in the Champions League, Manchester City are scheduled to clash against Borussia Dortmund.

With the separation of Aguero and Manchester City, Aguero has the right to determine the continuation of his career next season on a free transfer.

A number of clubs are reportedly interested in recruiting Aguero, one of which is Barcelona. Barcelona are said to be interested in recruiting Aguero to make Messi feel at home and decide to extend the contract at Camp Nou.

Manchester City stated that they would make a statue of Sergio Aguero as a form of respect and gratitude for Aguero’s services so far.

“It is an honor for me to announce that we will hire an artist to make a statue of Sergio at the Etihad Stadium together with Vincent Kompany and David Silva being built,” Al Mubarak was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

Al Mubarak also confirmed that the last Premier League home game of the season between Manchester City and Everton will be used as a farewell for Sergio Aguero.

Manchester City hopes that thousands of spectators will be present at the Etihad stadium to let Aguero go.

“We look forward to the opportunity to say goodbye to Sergio Aguero at the end of the season,” said Al Mubarak.

Aguero has only shown a decline this season when he was hit by an injury and then tested positive for Covid-19. Aguero then lacked the opportunity to play this season.

However, Aguero still has a chance to show off as Manchester City undergo a crucial phase at the end of the season as they struggle to win four titles this season.

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