Seventeen casinos to be opened before 2022: Asia Pacific

This news today is going to thrill you up. Asia Pacific is looking forward to establishing seventeen casinos before the year 2022. As Macau is the biggest hub of casinos and gambling, it will be hosting 6 different casinos out of the newly upcoming new 17 casinos. It has been reported that about three casinos will get open in South Korea.



Macau is the hub of gambling activities and now the establishments of these gambling activities are entering the era of new Asia. The government of South Korea is known for having very friendly laws for gambling. With the establishment of 17 casinos news, many foreign investments are heading towards Southeast Asian countries. The greatest gambling business fragment in Asia is Mainland China where there are a high number of VIP gamblers who spend extensive wholes of cash all the time. These gamblers used to visit Macau solely in view of its nearby closeness and VIP administrations. Because of the late defilement crackdown in Macau, gamblers from Mainland China have quit frequenting Macau’s casinos as much and rather choose to wander into neighboring nations like South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines where the gambling laws are a considerable measure all the more cordial. Despite the fact that Singapore is near to China, gamblers from Mainland China have not demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm for going by Singapore’s casinos and that is presumably in light of the fact that Singapore’s gambling laws are extremely strict.

Paul Bromberg the CEO of Spectrum Asia said, “It is unlikely that new entrants to the casino market in Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam or the Philippines will significantly cannibalize the Singapore market. The biggest threat to Singapore would likely be if Thailand or Indonesia was to legalize gaming but that is unlikely to happen in the near term.”

This is indeed very exciting for the world of casinos that Asia Pacific is anticipating setting up seventeen casinos in Asia Pacific before the year 2022. Macau is the central station for all gambling and casino forums. We are pretty much sure that the industry of gambling, poker and casinos etc will be boosted up after the establishment of these 17 big casinos before 2022 in Asia Pacific. Also, Vietnam and Cambodia are also looking forward to build amazing gambling forums and casinos in their countries too.

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