Since Mohamed Salah Arrived, Liverpool’s Hate Crime Rate Has Dropped

Mohamed Salah’s presence at Liverpool has not only had a positive impact on the club, but also the city. According to a report by BR Football, the level of hate crime in the city of Liverpool has fallen since Salah became a player for the Reds – Liverpool’s nickname.

As is known, Salah first played in England by joining Chelsea in the 2014 winter transfer market. After six months joining, Salah was loaned to Fiorentina (2015) and AS Roma (2015-2016).

Chelsea released Salah to Rome in the 2016 summer transfer market. A year in Rome, Salah returned to England by joining Liverpool in the summer of 2017.

Salah stole the show since his first season at Liverpool. Salah carved out individual achievements and helped Liverpool to win four prestigious titles, one of which was the 2019-2020 English League trophy.

Salah also became an idol for Liverpool fans. Salah, as a Muslim, also sets a good example through his attitude in everyday life. Therefore, Salah’s presence can affect the level of hate crime in the city of Liverpool.

For your information, hate crimes are criminal acts that are motivated by prejudice against a person’s shortcomings, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity. The hate crime rate in the city of Liverpool is down 16 per cent compared to other parts of England since Salah arrived.

This is known from an academic paper published by the American Political Science Review. Indirectly, Salah makes life in the city of Liverpool safer and more comfortable.

“An academic paper, published in the American Political Science Review, says hate crime in Liverpool fell 16 per cent compared to the rest of the UK after Mo Salah joined the club,” tweeted BR Football (@brfootball), Thursday (10/6). /2021).

Now, Salah is enjoying his holiday after struggling with Liverpool in the 2020-2021 season. The Egyptian player is charging his battery to make an impressive comeback next season.

Liverpool, who have failed to win any trophies this season, need Salah’s energy to bounce back. Salah and Liverpool’s target next season is only one, which is to win in all competitions.

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